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Discovering the Clyde

A new project has been announced by RCAHMS – Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland – RCAHMS

It will be interesting to see what it comes up with, since I’d have thought just about everything that could be dug up about the river had been, and was published somewhere, thanks to the heritage of all the sites along its route.

But you never know what you don’t know, so hopefully it will find some gems over the next few years.

From what I’ve seen, plenty has been lost from the banks of the river over the years, both in terms of the industries which it supported, and the ‘big houses’ that once enjoyed the view along its banks. I’ve been amazed to look at old books, and learn just how many rich merchants, traders, businessmen etc had their homes there, and nearly all have been demolished over the years.

There was the shell of one at the back of Belvidere (hospital) that was known as the Doctor’s House. but this was destroyed for the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games, to make way for some modern houses. First, the building was stripped to be a bare stone shell which stood for a few years, then when I passed recently, that had been razed, and foundations laid for new housed on the ground. Another ‘Lasting Legacy’ of the dopey games.

Discovering the Clyde is a 5-year programme that’s designed to improve understanding of how humans have created, been affected, changed and been changed by the River Clyde. A series of projects will examine aspects of the river from its source to the sea. We invite you to use this website to discover new ways of looking at the river, and start to create new ideas about the heritage of this amazing 176km long thread of history.

What will it do?

Through fieldwork, desk-based research, and messing about in the river, the programme will stimulate a flow of ideas and information about the historic environment of the river and people’s interactions with it. It will do this through a range of projects that will research the physical historical remains; data and archive material, and through engagement with local people, people with particular interests – and anybody who wants to get involved.

Who’s taking part?

The programme will generate information for a broad range of users and interested parties; from cultural heritage managers to planners and historic environment researchers; from academics to the public. Everyone can benefit from the fascinating discoveries and stories that will be revealed as the programme unfolds.

Get involved

We need your help to complete the programme projects. Whether you live near the Clyde, have an interest in the historic environment or work for an organisation with shared objectives, we want to hear from you. Find out more about how you can get involved.

Via Discovering the Clyde

Dalmarnock Clyde

The Clyde at Dalmarnock


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