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Advertising & Marketing as seen by Bill Hicks

I’ve just had a few bad experiences after letting some sites (not big well-known ones, but small specialists and hobby enthusiasts) know how I was extremely displeased at recent advertising enforcements they had installed.

One is the presentation of an overlay that appears when you visit the site, begging you to subscribe to something it offers. For me, this appears on EVERY visit to such sites. When I complain, they tell me that it’s my own fault, as they have it programmed to set a cookie that makes it appear on only the first visit. But that ignores the fact that I delete most cookies every time I close my browser, or even when I navigate away from their site. Apparently I’m at fault for not allowing their cookies to live forever.

The other problem that has become more prevalent recently is begging nag boxes, telling me to turn off my adblocker because I am going to be responsible of the end of free web content, and am an evil person.

Again, I get what amounts to abuse in return for pointing out that they are the problem, for demanding I allow ads I will never look at (and boycott any products mentioned) to appear. I block then as they are stealing my bandwidth, and are often offensive to my eye as they are made to be distracting, and ruin any page they are on.

It’s just a pity that those who can properly kill and block online adverts have no spine – I saw a recent series of stories of a developer who wrote an adblocker called ‘Peace’ recently, sold it for a while, then pulled from the store, on the basis that it was ‘too disruptive’ (effective?) and would destroy advertising, or some such nonsense.

I’d say he just sold out, apparently after making $100,000 from it according to online news or speculation, and beat a hasty retreat to safety with the money.

Or maybe the death threats got to him – as I’m sure some advertisers have no scruples about protecting their income stream.

I reckon advertisers are not unlike shoplifter and other thieves. If you have seen them on the TV progs that follow the police, then you will see them fight for the goods they have just stolen, and argue “GIVE ME THAT, IT’S MINE!”

In future, I think I will not bother trying to be reasonable and polite, and pointing out that I am not happy.

I will just send them this video clip of Bill Hicks’ opinion:


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  1. Fight the good fight and always remember what you learned in Latin class: Non Carborundum Illegitami”…”Don’t let the bastards grind you down”


    Comment by ralph | October 5, 2015

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