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Good cyclists need to do more

Lady cyclistI don’t usually get too near cyclists these days – the good ones generally stay away from pedestrians and don’t cause bother, while the rotten ones just don’t care. They’ll happily upset everyone else, AND get cyclists in general a bad name.

The past few days have been mixed.

Having not encountered any for weeks, I’ve recently met quite a few on my wanderings.

One managed to scare on a dark evening: Not going all that fast, he was on the pavement rather than the road and was almost on top of me when he finally decided I should be got out of his (silent) way by ringing his bell. That would be fine, but when approaching from behind, you don’t just ring your bell and press on – you should give the poor fool in front a chance to work out what side you are about to pass on, not just barge on and almost collect them.

I get passed by loads of cyclists on the pavement, too scared to ride on the road even if it is empty, and most give a sensible wide berth, and don’t need to ring bells – but the idiots apparently want to see how close they can get without actually hitting.

Today brought a double encounter, almost within seconds of one another.

The first was a real scare, while I was crossing an apparently empty road while the traffic was stopped on red this evening (dusk). In one direction the traffic had halted, in the other, the road was deserted – at least I saw nothing moving. Being in the city centre, I took a second glance and started crossing… half way across, a cyclist almost took my face off! He didn’t have any light, he didn’t have a bell, and didn’t even shout – although he would have seen me, if I had not seen him. I’m not claiming I was right here, but given I was halfway across the road, if I couldn’t see him from the side, he could have seen me ahead of him, and done more. No lights, no bell, no shout.

A couple of minutes later, I was crossing another street (still in the city centre), this time with the green man on the crossing, and a female cyclist the only ‘vehicle’ in sight, and stopped over (past) the white line at the red light showing in her direction.

Despite being stopped, and me being in the middle of the road (with right of way via the green man) she just took off, and barely missed me.

Needless to say, any charitable thought I had that I might have been in the wrong at the previous crossing just evaporated, to be replaced with ‘To hell with these damned cyclists’.

It’s a shame…

I spent about 5 hours walking around the city centre today, and had actually been silently complimenting the cyclists I’d seen at junctions – I think every single one I watched actually obeyed the red light (ok, there was one Lycra loony that just sped off as soon as the road was clear) waited until the light changed before moving off.

Then those two wasted the day.


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