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What is this Scottish Water thingy?

Scottish Water object

Scottish Water object

I’m afraid curiosity has got the better of me, and I have to pose the question:

What is the object in the pic shown above covering?

I can usually find links to most hardware online, but so far have failed miserably in finding anything that resembles the above, or its reason for being.

So, if you know what this is, or rather, what it covers… please let the rest of us know.

This particular example appeared after some extensive works were carried out on the owner’s plumbing that lies in Sandyhills Park, but I have spotted some more of these as I ramble around the east end, so it’s hardly unique.

Pic below should help give an idea of its size.

Sandyhills Park waterworks 2

Sandyhills Park waterworks


If you want something done – do it yourself 🙂

I got lucky recently, and caught the guys from Scottish Water working on this, with the cage and tube off, leaving the guts in plain sight.

It a wireless data transmission point.

There’s a stack of SLAs (sealed lead acid) batteries under the tube, below some electronics topped off by a wireless communications module, no doubt sending data to ‘Water HQ’ from various sensors fitted to the working in the pit to the right. They had a laptop connected the goodies inside. They might just have been renewing the batteries, or reconfiguring it.


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  1. I look after this, it as you say a telemetry outstation measuring seer overflowcto the burn


    Comment by Ali g | October 28, 2017

  2. Well thaaar’s a surprise… I got something right!

    But seriously, thanks for the confirmation.


    Comment by Apollo | October 29, 2017

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