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Lost golf balls finally unearthed

I (we) lived in the same house for decades, and for much of that time had a pair of golf fanatics at the bottom of the garden.

They weren’t there when we moved to our nice new home, there was just an open field. But the farmer sold his land to Lawrence – John Lawrence was a massive developer in Glasgow:

He formed John Lawrence (Glasgow) Ltd, and his group flourished through the building boom of the 1930s, becoming popularly known through its slogan ”A Home of Your Own by John Lawrence”.

During the Second World War, with the labour force depleted, his company built air raid shelters and hospitals, and later reconstructed much of Clydebank following the blitz.

By the mid-1960s, his huge company had a payroll of 2000 and had built more homes in Scotland than any of its rivals.

Under his chairmanship, the company and its subsidiaries built more than 40,000 private homes and 30,000 council houses throughout Scotland.

And at the bottom of our garden.

While we never actually fell out with the couple, I always sensed at least a little tension, as my father always seemed to be returning golf balls found in our back garden, and he was backward about mentioning that I might have been playing where they landed.

Those folks have been gone for a while now, and their golfing days ended some years ago. Despite all that ‘healthy’ sport, then ended up needing home visitors to help them in the later years.

The house has been redeveloped (but is still looking for a buyer), and one of the things the developer did was tear out the WHOLE garden it had, which was rather nice, having bushes and trees around the perimeter. Now it is just flat, with a plain lawn, and block paving – Land of the Clones!

However, most of the trees and bushes had roots that ran into my garden, and these were left behind. I’d always wanted rid of them. While they had given me some trees and bushes, they were really just offshoots of the main root, and most them had withered and die over the years.

Digging out ancient tree roots is interesting, as you get to see how different they all are – and I found one was actually made of TWO trees that had tried to grow from the same spot, and were intertwined (and a bugger to dig out!), but still completely separate.

I also found a number of golf balls that had been lost in these roots over the years, and the final collection is shown below.

Incidentally, I dug over the soil in my own garden during the past few years, and this collection probably doubles the number I found during that job.

Maybe I should add that nobody in this house ever played golf, so finding (or retrieving) more than thirty – after returning known ‘overshots‘ (see ‘Quatermass‘) – is quite a feat.

Golf balls found

Golf balls found or retrieved


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