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Celebrate Apple Day – but not with my apples (yet)

I didn’t know there was such a thing as ‘Apple Day‘, but it seems there is, and it’s today, October 21.

Look it up online, if you think I’m kidding, or imagining it.

I used to enjoy the apples from my own tree, until a few years ago, when they appeared to begin to suffer from something I was told is star disease, so named because the apples develop horrible star-shape cracks which at best look bad, and at worst reach deep into the apple and ruin it. There are past pics here.

Interestingly, I had to do some deep digging in the ground under the tree, and was surprised to find it bone dry and rock hard, although the surface appeared irrigated. Next year, I intend to water it, and see if this cures the ‘star disease’. Maybe they’re actually fine, but just suffering from lack of water.

This year, there seems to be a new problem, of which I am no sure of the source.

The east end of Glasgow seems to be overrun with grey squirrels (which are vermin, as opposed to our native red squirrel, which they are wiping out), and I know they go for the apples before they are ready to be collected. I’ve also noticed pigeons, magpies, and crows in the tree whenever I step out the door. I chase them now, scare them away, and no longer throw scraps out the back for the birds (to avoid attracting them), as these are all pests, and the state of the fallen apples shows they are eating them.

And, given the infections they carry, I don’t even want to eat one, even if it has only be pecked once or twice.

I collected a few (they are still not ripe, but are good eaters when ready), but most go straight into the bin, as per the bucket-load seen below.

Apples 2015

Apples 2015


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