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Kittens, bikers, and… a blind guy

Kittens – guaranteed to get readers.

Bikers – guaranteed to get haters.

Blind guy – well, he’s probably why I mentioned this.

A few weeks ago, I was about to cross one of the busier side streets in Shettleston, and not paying much attention to the people (buildings yes, people no).

I spotted a biker pulling up, and he was probably the kind of older guy that most people would not ‘approve’ of.

Big, old, noisy, and heavily chromed bike – also noisy (oh, I said that).

The rider (not a youngster) was similarly in tattered denims. looked mean, was wearing sunglasses – and most folk would probably class as ‘dangerous’, or some such silliness based only on appearance and prejudice.

I was watching him as he’d pulled up and left his bike quickly, a little untidily, and perhaps even reinforcing the ‘bad boy’ stereotype.


He’d stopped to help an elderly blind gent with a white stick, who I then noticed was stuck on a small traffic island at this particular junction, and seemed unable to get off in the midst of the traffic. (If you’re about to ask, no, I hadn’t reached it/him at that point, and was still about 10 m away).

Biker guy spoke to him, took his arm, and guided him to the pavement – then got back on his bike and disappeared.

I was reminded of this when I saw the video below.

You’ll have to watch it full-screen to see the kitten when it first appears. The fuzzy footage makes it hard to see where it comes from, but you can see it wander about, and have a number of narrow escapes before the biker collects it.

This is almost like a video from last year, from Russia, where someone actually caught the moment a kitten was thrown from a moving car while it was crossing a busy junction. The intention was clearly to kill it, and painfully. How it was not killed almost immediately is almost unbelievable, but it was petrified, and didn’t move much. I’m sure this video will still be around, but I’m not going to go find it again.

In that case, a trucker (aren’t they supposed to be ‘bad guys’ too?) pulled up immediately, blocking the traffic, and jumped down to rescue the kitten.

More guts than the people who threw it onto the junction.

Anyway, this is Skids:

A couple of updates show he seems none the worse for his adventure on the road:


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