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SHOUTING helps get the message over

I’ve been passing this sign for ages, but the location and timing means I usually don’t have a camera to hand, but I finally managed to catch it one day.

Which turned out to be just in time, since it was removed from the fence and thrown in the garden not long after.

Maybe by a grumpy dog, or dog-walker who was offended?

Shouting Dog Sign

It’s huge. Most signs are only the size of two or three bricks.

I found it amusing for various reasons, not least of which being that like the IAMS cat, dogs can’t read.

But mostly because it reminded of the old colonial British stereotype, who, when confronted by locals who could not understand English, somehow though that they would understand their orders by BEING SHOUTED AT! The scene usually takes place in old B&W films of the time.

I wonder if the owners of that sign thought something the same, and that using the print equivalent of shouting, CAPITALS AND BOLD, would somehow make passing dogs understand their sign, and move on to do their business somewhere else.

The CCTV threat was a nice touch – but since they have no cameras…


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