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Even concrete doesn’t deter bad drivers

This is really just a bit of fun, purely because I can.

I pass this spot occasionally, and it’s interesting to see how often the concrete posts installed to deter parking on the pavement in front of the shops are damaged. They eventually get repaired/replaced, but given the narrowness of the road, it’s hard to see why someone doesn’t have the road widened, as there is more than enough pavement to do so, and not even reduce the space needed for a wide footpath. As it is, there is no way for lorries delivering to the shops to do so without causing problems. The road in front of the shops (where you can see a parked car) really only has practical space for one car to pass along at a time. Cars turning into it from the junction have to back out if there is one coming towards them. Residents’ cars line the road to the left, just out of sight.

Broken Post Before

Broken post

But, I guess it is cheaper to raise a lot of small repair budgets, and that a road widening project would never be approved in the anti-car environment we enjoy living in today, even if the total cost might be less in the long run.

These posts used to be all of the short variety seen in the central part, but I guess someone had a moment of inspiration and realised that these are invisible from the driver’s seat, and cause collisions, hence the taller ones that appeared recently.

But, as can be seen, one of those did not last long before it was modified, and presumably the vehicle concerned suffered too.

Broken Post After


So, another repair, and I spotted the fix a couple of months later, so have no idea how long it took to happen, or how long it has lasted.

It’s always been the same here.

Yet it would make life so much better for everyone (and not encroach on pedestrian space) if they lost that big broad corner, and widened the road, only by a couple of feet, but it would be enough to let cars pass in either direction, instead of having to perform a silly (and let’s face it, dangerous) dance, reversing at the corner if they happen to be meeting face-to-face.

Although not seen in these pics, the shop at the front sets out tables and chairs for its customers, such is the space available – and would still be there after the suggested widening.

I don’t usually manage to have one of these before and after (repair) pic sets, so since I had this one, I had to use it.


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