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What are these markers for?

(The answer has been provided in the comments below: The marker represent a site covered by GEAR, which was the Glasgow East Area Renewal Scheme. This was initiated in May 1976, following the loss of many major industries from the area. See The Glasgow Eastern Area Renewal Scheme on JSTOR.)

Shown below is a type of marker I have come across in various location while wandering around the east end of Glasgow (which I mention only to emphasise this it only place I could come across them, but they could be all over the place. While some can be seen fairly easily, others are lost in surrounding undergrowth.

Notably, there is no description whatsoever on them, or on anything nearby.

They appear to mark a trail or route, rather than any specific site or location, as none of those I have found are at any points of interest that I can associate with them.

I’ve tried various image searches online, expecting to have come up with a web site describing them, and their reason for being, but have been completely unsuccessful, and tend only get gravestones as possible matches.

They also appear to be derelict, abandoned with no maintenance apparent on any I have found, while any damaged examples just appear to be being left to fall apart.

Unknown marker

Unknown marker

The example shown is about a foot high (30 cm or so), and the plaque is about half of that total, and they all look the same.

You can find this example at the corner of London Road and Dunn Street, diagonally across the road junction from the Police HQ building.

It is visible in the centre of the Street View. Ignore the rubbish about ‘Legacy’ in the background, it is not relevant to anything, or this marker, which pre-dates it by years.

There is nothing of historical note at this spot, with only a disused tunnel somewhere below London Road, and an old air-shaft nearby.

I’ve never bothered noting the location of the others I’ve seen, but can recall one at the corner of Shettleston Road and Culross Street (which may disappear, as I note the grassy area it lies on is being dug up for something), and another on the Clyde Walkway, near the Westhorn allotment site, at the foot of a set of steps that lead from the River Clyde to London Road at Belvidere.

Here’s a closer view of the symbol on the plaque.

Unknown marker

Unknown marker


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  1. Someone else wondered the same, and asked the question on the “Hidden Glasgow” forum ( ) … The answer is – quite obvious, once you read it LOL

    “It was part of the east end “GEAR” renewal project. GEAR Glasgow East Area Renewal. Millions got pumped in of UK government money after Beardmores, Arrols etc closed and the east end of Glasgow was “tarted up” with lots of derelict sites cleared and cleaned up”


    Comment by Graeme from I.T (@graeme_from_IT) | November 10, 2015

  2. Oh, and you must improve your search techniques LOL – all I did was google for “marker post cog” and then switched onto Images ….


    Comment by Graeme from I.T (@graeme_from_IT) | November 10, 2015

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