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Sad Citroën is still sad in Dalmarnock

With the restrictions on freedom of movement which the 2014 Commonwealth Games recently blighted the area with now removed, I am getting used to being able to walk around places such as Dalmarnock and Rutherglen which I simply could not get to easily. I have to walk, and the closure of only a few streets can add a mile or two, or more, to some routes. This is because I can only cross the river at bridges, so if the nearest one is not an option, then it can be a bit of a wander to get to the next as a pedestrian.

Heading towards Dalmarnock Bridge, I remembered looking over a wall and finding a classic Citroën sitting on a trailer, and had a look over the same wall, expecting it to be gone, since that first sighting was almost three years ago. Wow! Did the dopey games really screw things up for so long?

This was what I saw back in February 2013:

Citroen Cabrio

Citroen Cabrio

Sad to say, this is what I saw in October 2015:

Citroen Cabrio

I’m not really sure what I expected to see, but it wasn’t this.

Apart from changes that are down to nature, the scene is effectively the same as it was back at the start of 2013.

While I have a little experience with Classic cars, and would acknowledge that it’s impossible to make any sort of assessment without crawling under them and poking around, it’s still a little difficult to think that this is not something that an enthusiast would turn down (assuming that it is for sale, and as a non-runner, that silly money was not being demanded).

Even with the clever suspension and the fact that the hydraulic system runs just about everything on the car, being Cabrio means it retains its value and extra desirability/rarity, and by reputation, although complex, it’s not ridiculously so, and DIY is not impossible, especially since parts are available.

Still, speculation means little, and as I’m only ‘tyre kicker’ nowadays, I won’t (can’t) venture further.

I’ll still keep looking over the wall though.


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