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Cyclist’s waiting area… Never heard of it

This is NOT a pro-cycling item, just in case.

I do wonder at the modern driving test (and teaching system) as compared to the days when I passed.

Whenever I see someone being taught, I get the impression the idea is more of training to pass the test, rather than being trained to drive – and by ‘drive’, I don’t mean the mechanics of operating the controls of a car.

There were no cyclists around, but that’s not really the issue, but it did mean I could laugh at the following scene.

Cycle Lane

Cycle lane? Waiting area? Where?

I should have been standing a little further back when I shot this scene, as it was significant to note that that the cars in both lanes behind this pair had actually stopped far enough behind that they could have reversed and cleared the waiting area. But they’re not obliged to, merely take care and look out for cyclists if they have stopped at the second line.

The amusing aspect to me was the driver of one of the cars (I won’t say which, to grant some anonymity) would probably have crushed a bicycle if he had even been able to get his belly onto one. Maybe that’s an excuse for not being aware of these waiting areas, and the first line.


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