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Modified Mercedes

Came across a sad sight recently, as a local Mercedes was remodelled by a passing Ford.

Mercedes Collision 01

There’s a street to the right of the cars (where I was standing), and it looks very much as if the Merc was turning into it when the Fiesta (for some reason I cannot guess at as I was not there) seem to have tried to overtake it at the same time, ploughed into the driver’s door. Even if the Merc was not indicating (and there’s no way to tell as I arrived late), the Fiesta should not really have pulled out and passed at the speed the damage suggests. Well, I wouldn’t. I was trained to be cautious, and assume the the other idiot was going to pull out in front of me if things were not crystal clear.

As to the speed of collision, it’s clear that all airbags deployed in both cars, and you can see the new Merc has a full set of side curtain airbags on all the side windows. the Fiesta only had driver and passenger fronts.

A couple of onlookers were still talking about what they had seen, and I heard them say nobody had been hurt, and both drivers were nearby.

Although the road was not actually blocked, traffic was having to inch around the two cars, and the Merc was still drivable, and was taken round the nearest corner. Given the A-pillar crumpling and hinge damage, it’s surprising the door still works.

New safety tech is all very well, but on top of the chassis and body work needed here, there will be cost of six new airbags as well.

I’m wondering if it will be repaired – the impact into the side of the firewall (area behind the dashboard) could go deep, and be too costly to rectify.

Mercedes Collision 02

Mercedes Collision 03

I’m always late.

Usually I see the remnants on the road, or a wall of police surrounding something really nasty, and no inclination to take pics.

Last one was not that long ago, and the pic doesn’t really show the extent of the damage which occurred at a roundabout (not all that far way), where this car’s front suspension was broken and collapsed, and tyre deflated. I guess the car to the right of this one turned left, into it, and caught the offside wheel/suspension (that wing is crumpled), and it collapsed. Not sure about the other side either, as it may have impacted the kerb.

Broken Car

I have no idea what it is, other than one I wouldn’t be seen dead in, especially with one of those (usually) empty boxes on the roof.

And this one, a from a few days earlier.

Collision 3

I didn’t even notice it first time around, as I was walking towards the front, and it just looked like some pretty shoddy parking on the pavement.

But heading back home later, in the opposite direction, saw the modified rear end.

It’s dangerous out there!


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