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The first signs of Christmas

I think this is the first time/year I have noticed what I would call ‘The first Christmas tree’ (in a window).

Things have got better in the commercial world, as shops etc seem to have responded to criticism that they were taking down Halloween decorations, and just replacing them with Christmas decorations as soon as Halloween was over. We seem to get a break now, and a more gradual slide into the Christmas madness.

Maybe that’s down to the UK’s adoption of the fallacy of the US’s Black Friday con, which has grown over the past few years.

If you are not already aware, then you should know that Black Friday has nothing at all to do with the media coverage of financial roots to the day, which is just a con to make people spend – see the video at the foot of this post for the truth.

Back on track, while I will soon be seeing a lot of Christmas trees in house windows during my 4 mile trek to the shops, at the moment, there is a solitary one shining out into the cold dark evening. Pity it is not something more traditional, and just one of those bare sticks with lights on it…

First Christmas tree Tollcross

I has seen quite a few workers on ladders and cherry pickers out too, but it looks as if the first ones to get their work finished (and throw the big switch on my route at least) were those in Shettleston Road, so they get the award for first street lights to go on show…

Shettleston Christmas Lights

I’ve seen more since, and Baillieston have some lit as well, but it blowing a gale with near horizontal rail the night I was there, so no pic to prove it as I wasn’t taking a camera out in that weather!


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  1. Glasgow is not alone! Although I haven’t been up in the West End recently, here in London I’ve yet to see any overt signs of the “Chritmas Spirit”, apart from the incessantly festive adverts on TV, which first reared their ugly heads half way through November! I can see the point for the kids, but otherwise, the sooner the “festive season” is over, the better, as far as I’m concerned! It’s just a commercially inspired ‘con’ nowadays to entice us to spend money we don’t have buying stuff we don’t need!

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    Comment by Ron Leitch | November 28, 2015

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