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Find wartime bombing sites in Aberdeenshire

Two Google maps showing areas where raids were carried out during World War II have been created using records from the time.

One map shows areas where bombing raids caused damage and can be found here, and shows all the known attacks from 26 June 1940, until the last raid on 21 April 1943.

Some of the areas affected are quite small, so it’s best to zoom in on any area of interest as the marker may not be visible when he map is zoomed out to cover a wide area.

The other shows areas where enemy aircraft carried out attacks, and can be found here, and shows those recorded in the Aberdeen County Register of Air Raids and Alarms from 1940 – 1944.

Via: Map charts WW2 bombing of Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire

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  1. Nothing much to say on this topic other than as a boy in Carnoustie/Arbroath in the late 1940s with my Dad stationed at Leuchars and Lossiemouth I never heard of bombing in Aberdeenshire.We had previously been ‘bombed out’ in Cardiff as well as St. Athan (sp?)
    Very nice to see you back on line.


    Comment by ralph | 05/03/2016

  2. Interesting that there was apparently no wide knowledge.

    From what I’ve read, it would seem that while such events could obviously not be hidden, or gossip prevented, there was no publicity given such raids. This was in line with not providing sources of potential feedback to the enemy on the success or otherwise of raids, and there was always the “Careless Talk” mantra of the day. Unlike today, people respected such efforts.

    I find WordPress slow and clunky to create posts in, and tend to babble in a Scottish site these day,where I can create a post in seconds. You might look there if interested:


    Comment by Apollo | 05/03/2016

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