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Censored and blocked by New Scientist for asking for an explanation

e92TpMR9Be careful what you say around New Scientist – they clearly believe in censorship of anything they don’t like.

I recently (as in last week) got fed up seeing them repeat the same posts a few hours after they tweeted about an article being published. At first I thought they were updating the material, but then I checked, and found they were simply repeating or duplicating the tweet made 5-12 hours earlier. Sometimes more than once.

I tweeted a question asking why they were doing this, but never received the courtesy of a reply – or even ‘Sod Off!’

I then posted the same question, and the time since the original tweet was first seen, whenever I spotted a duplicate.

When I didn’t get a reply, I made my questions more direct, but never abusive.

Since this morning, I’ve seen no new tweets from the venerable New Scientist, and when I checked my Twitter account – found I was minus one account I had been following. You guessed it… NO New Scientist in the list any more, and a check shows I have been blocked and barred from seeing any of their tweets.

Customer service at it best.

Never the courtesy of even a single reply, or even just acknowledgement.

Just thrown out unilaterally.

I might add I complained to The Telegraph a few weeks back, when its @TelegraphWW2 Twitter account started spewing out current news (which I’m not interested in) instead of the promised archival material from World War II.

I emailed their digital support, and got an explanation that the WW2 account had developed a problem they could not fix.

After a day or so, they stopped tweeting current news via the account – sadly, no WW2 material has appeared either.

I guess they know how to treat their ‘customers’.



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  1. Non Carborundum Illegitami !


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