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Reindeer pics in Glasgow

In retrospect, the pics I took here are not as bad as I recall, but at the time I found it was tough trying to take this shot and have the reindeer look like anything more than a collection of lights dumped in some random shape. Fair enough to note the heads can be discerned, but the rest is just ‘mush’.

George Square reindeer

George Square reindeer

I’m not too sure of the order of events, but I think this was the day (night?) after they switched on the lights.

By chance I had been there the day before, shortly before the lights were due to be turned on, but had not hung around as the square, and surrounding streets, were swarming with security staff since the switch-on was a ticket only event, and no ordinary scruff was to be allowed near, or even to see this, as the place was surround by fencing.

Not complaining, there would be too many crowding into a limited space nowadays, just lamenting the passing of what was something that was fun, but is now just an excuse for some publicity whores.

I’d had better luck earlier in the day, wandering around St Enoch, and doing better while catching their giant reindeer.

St Enoch reindeer thinking:

St Enoch reindeer thinking

St Enoch reindeer thinking “Who can I poop on today?”

The other one was supplied with a tree for its ‘business’:

St Enoch reindeer and tree

St Enoch reindeer and tree

From the other side, it looks ready to be naughty (I hope it understands Scottish trespass law):

St Enoch reindeer on a mission

St Enoch reindeer on a mission

The last pic is interesting…

I hadn’t noticed this before, but it looks as if the bases of the giant mirrored obelisks that used to be located over the centre are still in place (the three mirrored lumps on the right), and used to rotate slowly.

I wonder why they dumped them?

They weren’t doing any harm, looked quite nice, and were eye-catching.


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