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Nativity scenes – compare and contrast

Hurrying along Tollcross Road, I almost missed the fact that a Christmas Nativity scene had appeared in one of the windows of the Salvation Army hall just along from Parkhead Cross.

What really caught my eye was the flash of white fur in the relative darkness of the evening, and I stopped to see what it was, then realised I was looking at a Nativity scene. It was a moment before I realised the white fur was actually a solitary sheep, possibly a character I should recognise, and at that time was the only character there, apart from the occupant of the manger.

I wanted to catch a pic, but was frustrated by all the reflections in the glass, and the limited choice of places to stand to try to avoid them, and eventually had to settle for the best compromise, but I just couldn’t get a clear view, so this was very much a ‘best effort’.

Tollcross Salvation Army nativity

Tollcross Salvation Army nativity

I have a few polarisers for my ‘old’ film kit, but the sizes don’t suit my ‘new’ digital collection. One is part of a ‘universal’ system I used to use, but it is just too bulky to use these days. I may have to treat myself as I have come up against a number of reflection problems recently, which have wrecked many otherwise desirable shots

I think the solitary sheep deserves special mention for holding the scene almost on its own:

Salvation Army nativity sheep

Salvation Army nativity sheep

I also dropped in on the nativity scene on show in George Square – I can’t help but think of the time some worthless character thought it would be ‘clever’ to steal the baby figure from this scene a few years ago.

Now, the scene and its characters live inside a substantial glass enclosure.

George Square nativity

George Square nativity

I’m NOT making any sort of point (George Square is a major civic display for/by the city), just noting the range of creativity.

A little imagination and goodwill goes a long way.


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