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George Square Winter Fair

Just grabbed one quick pic here before heading home.

I didn’t realise this Winter Fair in George Square  had just opened last night, but that bit of news explained why the place was mobbed, and the bodies were packed in like sardines. I just wandered in for a look since I was passing, but it was really no fun as you could hardly move (at least if you fainted, you wouldn’t end up on the ground).

I’m never sure whether to be impressed or irritated at those who push into such places with prams, after I was assaulted by one who decided to keep ramming with theirs because I wasn’t moving fast enough for them (with a solid wall of people in front of me) then hurled abuse at me when I just turned around to look and see if something was wrong.

I’d been watching the place being built for a week or more, and had been wondering what sort of ‘ride’ was marked by the tall lit structure, which was lit and rotating long before the fair opened.

I needn’t have bothered – it (and another that appeared later) was nothing more than a decorative structure above what appeared to be a German sausage fryer, and intended only to be the tallest and most noticeable stall to draw in customers.

Amazing prices, like the similar fair already taking place along the road in St Enoch Square, something like a single Danish pastry was on sale for £5 (or £2.50 for a tiny one on the ‘cheap’ stall), and being lapped up by the punters who seemed to be entranced by the bright lights and taken leave of their senses.

Sausage stall

Sausage stall



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