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Revenge on the reindeer

In the nicest possible way, I found myself heading back to get revenge on the reindeer standing below the Christmas tree in George Square.

I’d taken a few pics when they first appeared, but deleted what I’d taken as they just looked like a mass of white lights with no definition to show what they were meant to model. Although I could SEE the difference when looking by eye, catching them in a pic just saw what was really there – a single large group of white lights.

Although I looked for alternatives, I just couldn’t see a view or option that gave at least SOME indication that these were supposed to be a group of reindeer pulling a sleigh – then, I happened to see a view in Flickr that seemed to work, and at least hinted at the presence of a group.

I memorised the view and headed back to get revenge… or just a recognisable pic that suggested reindeer.

Things were a lot busier and I couldn’t quite pick the right spot or moment, but at least I did learn that a little perseverance WOULD eventually find a view that looked more like reindeer in front of a sleigh, rather than just a bag of white lights dumped in front of it.

George Square reindeer and sleigh

George Square reindeer and sleigh

It’s not perfect (or as good as the example I spotted) but it shows the principle, and could be refined with better positioning and a little more time (and less crowd).

You CAN always learn.


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