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Christmas lights 2016 – Rutherglen

It was amusing to look at this year’s pic of Rutherglen’s Christmas tree – by chance (or more likely because I happen to like the framing) it looked almost exactly the same as that from 2015 as I had unintentionally stood in almost exactly the same spot when I took it. That the lights in the street and on the tree were also almost exactly the same helped too.

I probably couldn’t have duplicated it had I tried.

Rutherglen Christmas tree 2016

Rutherglen Christmas tree 2016

Rutherglen is a little more inviting that most, having added ‘Welcome’ signs at each end of the main street.

Looking west:

Rutherglen Christmas lights west

Rutherglen Christmas lights west

And looking east:

Rutherglen Christmas lights east

Rutherglen Christmas lights east

The east view is interesting – you can’t just cross the road (if at the shops in the main street) and take it.

You have to wander through the underpass below the junction (or walk even further away to find a road crossing) and then come back onto a grassy area, as there is no pavement or footpath there.

Last year, I was not familiar with the layout and could not see how to get there in the dark, so…

Solved the apparent lack of access problem by taking the pic from behind the ‘Welcome to Rutherglen’ sign – and them flipping the pic horizontally. While the sign looks fine, the pic is not accurate… it does not show the lights in the main street, which should appear behind the sign.

It also turns the street American!

(The traffic is on the ‘wrong’ side).

Rutherglen Christmas lights east 2015

Rutherglen Christmas lights east 2015


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