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Christmas 2016 – Glasgow Fort

Since the place seems to stay busy, I suppose I should say this post is just a personal opinion (or tribute to Grumpy Cat), and I’m not trying to convert anybody.

It was a while (years) before I realised there was a footbridge over the M8, meaning I could visit the then ‘new’ Glasgow Fort shopping centre, but I wasn’t impressed when I did, and still don’t think much of it (even less since they closed the door at the footbridge). I guess I’m too attached to the original internal shopping centre, or mall, design, where you can spend a day wandering around a warm, dry, wind-free centre. Glasgow Fort is nothing more than a ‘gated community’ of shops arranged along private roads or precincts, and if you want out of the cold/wind/rain, you are obliged to go into a shop – that just smacks of a deliberate psychological ‘sales push’ to me. If you force people into a shop, then you are guaranteed more impulse buying than if you allow them to stay outside.

So, an ordinary mall seeks to do the same – but at least I can be comfortable in it, and not be soaked, frozen, or blown over.

I only go there for the 90 minute walk two or three times a year, to see if it has changed – other than that, I find a visit there is nothing more than depressing, with the only high point being wander round the big craft/hobby store… and to look in awe at how the growing popularity of the hobby of crafting has seen insane prices tagged on the materials, much of which can only cost pennies. Some of the stuff is obscene, and while making things like cards was once a way to save money, making things using ‘craft materials’ now seems to INCREASE the price of an item threefold compared to buying. But the brainwashing of the craft sellers is that you are giving a personal, hand-made, unique (how is that, if it is made of stock parts they supply) item, and not some horrible mass-produced item to a friend, and insulting them with it.

No real trees there, and I think they tend to roll out the same standard lights.

I’m always amused to see Chisholm Hunter there, possibly one of the most expensive jewellers to be found in Glasgow’s Argyll Arcade – yet it’s worth their while to have a branch in Easterhouse, and area that pleads poverty and deprivation in Scotland. Prices are booming too – over the past few years I’ve seen the price of a Rado watch I like leap from £800 to well over £1,700. I should stop looking in the window.

Glasgow Fort christmas

Glasgow Fort Christmas

I mentioned the loss of the ‘back door’.

This pic shows the opening that used to greet you almost as soon as you stepped off the footbridge over the M8.

Glasgow Fort back door closed

Glasgow Fort back door closed

Now, if you are a peasant arriving on foot you have to pass this former entrance, and carry on for another 250 metres to get to the front door, and finally walk in. And you get to repeat that when you leave too.

Still, at least somebody has their own little comfy parking spot there now, behind the fence, on the last bit of path that once led from the bridge to the door.


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