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1 January 2017 was a little odd (compared to most), as I tend to take a ‘standard walk’ on the first day of the new year, and this often entails ‘forcing’ myself to go out. I recent years the weather has either been sodden with a steady downpour (at least not usually accompanied by howling gales), or frozen, together with snow of varying depths.

This year, it was almost a warm summer day – or at least around +5° C – and almost wind free.

The walk generally ends at Daldowie Crematorium, which was a little more interesting than usual, as the access road was in pieces, nearing the finish of seemingly endless works that have been crawling along for months, to add a new slip road to the M74. Maybe it will be finished by the time of next year’s Jan 1 walk.

The foundation stone of the crematorium building seems to be getting harder to photograph – maybe the cleaners should give it some attention. Patina may be nice, but it looks as if the plaque is beginning to decay a little, so perhaps a little gentle cleaning may be in order, occasionally.

Daldowie Foundation Stone

Daldowie Foundation Stone

While I’m there, I usually can’t resist a wander down to the River Clyde, just to see if anything has happened.

A few years ago, I found a makeshift hide, but it was abandoned, and has now disappeared completely (I think the branch on the left was being used as a support).

River Clyde Daldowie Bend

River Clyde Daldowie Bend

It was also slightly unusual to be able to see where I was going, as the scene below is usually just plain white thanks to the snow cover, so navigation is by memory (or following other footprints).

Daldowie River Clyde Corner

Daldowie River Clyde Corner

With the relative ease of access this year, there was also an opportunity to take a quick look at the abandoned World War II ‘tank traps’ or road blocks. These concrete cylinders were intended to be placed on road and routes to interfered with tanks and other vehicles, had a German invasion ever taken place, and disrupt easy movement of the enemy.

After the war, they were abandoned and dumped, so can turn up in odd places, with no obvious reason for their presence.

Daldowie Clyde Tank Traps

Daldowie Clyde Tank Traps

2017 might be better than 2016…

Black cat spotted on the first day!

Black Cat Hamilton Rd

Black Cat Hamilton Rd


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  1. Good to see some views from around Daldowie! Thank you!


    Comment by Stormwells55 | January 2, 2017

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