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There goes another old building

I’m sure I was only past this spot a few months ago, but it looks as if I missed something interesting (and disappointing). I haven’t been wandering along to Uddingston as often as I used to.

I’ve had to resort to Google (now a very handy resource though) to find a past pic, as I don’t seem to be able to lay hands on any of my own images of the building in question – odd, as I do have a reasonably effective filing system.

I’ve known this building for years, maybe even when it was open as a shop, and always been a bit sad to see that while the smaller cottages (and even some new builds) managed to gain occupants, this once fine Victorian sandstone villa remained derelict once the shop had closed.

As was, until recently:

Hamilton Road derelict

Hamilton Road derelict

Pretty sure it never saw any use after the shop close, other than by the local neds, and the windows were sealed some time ago, while the doorway was barred, with even the steps being denied access by having various obstacles tied across them, so you couldn’t even approach for an innocent look.


It’s just another piece of ‘spare ground’.

Well, at least we can see some of the interior, since a tiny piece of wall was left behind.

For what it’s worth, note the cycle lane that has been added here. Not a bad idea, although the road is not as busy as it once was (thank to the M74 changes of recent years), it does still get busy at peak times, and some of the driving behaviour seems to be particularly BAD, with many impatient people here for some reason. Or maybe they have just come off the M74 (or want onto it) and have not adjusted their speed perception appropriately. Whatever the reason, I’m often glad of the pedestrian bridge over the road here, as trying to cross as street level sometimes feels more like a suicide lottery than crossing the road.

Hamilton Road former derelict site

Hamilton Road former derelict site

I’ll have to watch out for my earlier pics of the place, and maybe post them later, if/when they turn up.


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