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Uddingston illuminations (late Christmas 2016)

I didn’t get a chance to wander along to Uddingston to see if it had any Christmas lights (and I’ve never looked before), so a break in the rain we’ve had meant a late look.

First thing I noticed was the illuminated sign on the road in – something I usually miss as I am walking the other way if it’s late enough for this to be lit when I usually walk behind it as I am heading back home later in the day. It’s BIG – but needs a little TLC as some of the lamps have died. Time to update it with LEDs, and they can really neglect (oops, forget) it since those lamps will last longer.

Uddingston sign lit

Uddingston sign lit

The model shop was open and bright too – looking as if the window was being re-arranged, the back was clear for once and the was clear all the way to the counter at the back. Sadly, nobody was around.

I wonder how many drones/quads they sold for Christmas 2016?

Uddingston model shop window

Uddingston model shop window

Just a bit closer, for some more detail:

Uddingston model shop window detail

Uddingston model shop window detail

Getting to the far end (and time to turn back and head for home), Tunnock’s factory was nice and bright as usual.

Then I spotted a late bonus – while the Christmas lights were still on the lampposts, they were of course now switched off, but…

Due to some quirk of the wiring, ONE post still carried a lit decoration, and I was able to catch it along with the factory.

The Christmas tree was still in place (visible just behind the phone box) but stripped of all its lights and decorations, so looking a little sad.

Tunnocks Christmas 2016

Tunnock’s Christmas 2016

There was slightly glum note…

The cycle/bike/car shop (behind me as I took the pic of Tunnock’s) had a ‘CLOSING DOWN‘ sign in each of its windows.

Shame, I’m just so used to seeing it, and even found an excuse to go in and buy some bike spares there last year.


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