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Street convenience

Sometimes you come across things that beg all sorts of imaginative explanations.

On the pavement in Shettleston – a complete toilet street and a brown glass medicine bottle (no label).

I don’t know about anyone else, but this immediately sparked off memories of one of Billy Connolly’s sketches, when he told of how he passed the age of 50 and was treated to a colon examination by his doctor.

As he said, this involved the consumption of a laxative to clean out the system and leave things ‘clear’ for the examination.

His description of the effect was ‘WHOOOOSH’ as what was once inside left, and shot down the toilet, to be followed by another build-up and another ‘WHOOOOSH’ as what was left joined it down there.

He’d hoped that was if over, ‘job’ done.

Nope – there was, it seems, still at least one more ‘WHOOOOSH’ to come…

And I imagine this pic could have been the result (at least it looks nice and clean):

Toilet seat and medicine bottle

Toilet seat and medicine bottle

Not sure if related (hope not), but this was lying in the adjacent gutter – no barefoot rambling in Shettleston!

Raw nail board

Raw nail board

Guess whoever was working here was never taught to hammer exposed nails flat before littering the streets with their debris.


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