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Given up on repairing this crash barrier

There’s a barrier on London Road that seems to have been crossed off the ‘Repair List’ (or perhaps just moved to the bottom) as it seems to be pointless repairing it, such is the desire of some drivers to crash into it.

There’s a 40 mph limit on this road, and the fairly tight bend is approached shortly after a set of traffic lights. I used to work nearby and travelled this section regularly. Cars are much better now, but even then, as a regular I knew that I could zip up to 40 mph and just drive around this curve safely, while most others would brake and back off, but it does indicate how fast those clowns who go crashing into the barrier must be travelling. From the start of the damage point on the barrier, it’s easy to see how they have failed to make the turn (no excuse, not even on the basis of poor lighting).

I seem to have been watching this poor barrier being victimised by idiots for years now, with regular repairs being carried out, but now seems to be being left its fate since it was usually no sooner repaired than some fool decides to fly into it.

I can’t remember when it was last mangled, but have noticed that it appears to have been years ago – and was not subsequently fixed (although it has still changed shape every now and then). Or perhaps is trashed again so quickly it just looks as if it is no longer being repaired.

London Road barrier trashed

London Road barrier trashed

The good news for those that fly through/over this mangled barrier is that their next stop is the parking area behind an Arnold Clark Ford dealership, so they can just leave their heap there for an insurance inspection and quote (which the insurers will hopefully reject). Or run away if it was stolen (or they don’t want to be breathalysed), since there’s regrettably little for them to hit and be injured by here.

And the dealer will charge them for damaging their ‘fence’, which is slowly being deposited behind their skips:

London Road fence trashed

London Road fence trashed


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  1. The same old story – folk driving too fast!

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    Comment by firdaussi Razor | January 11, 2017

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