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Dim car lighting advert

In the ‘Good Old Days’, when car makers fitted the cheapest candles to their offerings, I used to enjoy the challenge of finding an after-market replacement for each car I was ‘gifted’, and fitting it to provide decent illumination of the road ahead. I’ve never touched a pricey HID conversion, simply because I’ve never seen one that places the tube where the filament of a normal headlamp unit is located, therefore, regardless of how bright it may be, it will not be properly focussed, and dazzle. This obviously does not apply to OEM HID, a point I like to make as there are apparently some sad people (or just one campaigning taxi driver) who apparently want ALL HID outlawed since they (he?) think they are being blinded by the type.

Sad to say that competition (and rising standards and expectations) have rendered that upgrade game redundant, and the computer aided designs and new material seen in recent years have nailed that coffin shut. New technology in the form of discharge lamps, LEDs, and even lasers have raised this game, albeit with the necessary addition of computer control to keep them all working properly. The ingenuity of controlled lighting arrays which selectively manage beams and remove light from areas where dazzle could be caused is fantastic to watch in action.

Sadly, the same can’t be said for some of those who attempt to attract buyers via adverts, or fly-posting, left hanging on walls and fences.

The level of technical expertise demonstrated by this lot suggests I for one won’t be beating a path to their door to be parted from my money

Xenon LEDs, really?

Xenon LEDs

Xenon LEDs


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