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How being careful bent a bike rack

It’s not often you actually get to watch an ‘accident’ develop, but I did see such a thing happen, and the irony of the whole thing was that those involved were doing thing the ‘right’ way AND trying to be careful.

What is it some people say?

The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.

In this case, a very large lorry was backing into a side street to make a delivery.

Things looked ok, the area where the lorry was going was clear, the driver had the help of an assistant (banksman) to stand at the rear, watch what was happening, and issue signals to guide him in.

Things were going SO well, lined up accurately, travelling slowly, signals being sent and received, until…

The driver seemed to ignore the banksman and just carry on reversing even after arriving at the bike rack.

What happened? What went wrong when all the requirement appeared to be in place?

After the pair exchanged words – it seems the lorry driver became fixated on a costly Porsche parked just to the side of where the cab was going to arrive – he was making sure he  kept well clear of the car and sort of ‘forgot’ to watch the rear once it was lined up, and the overhang of the tail meant that the rear safety/collision barrier fouled the bike rack.

The two hefty gents weren’t long in heaving the bike rack straight, but…

When I passed a few nights later – it was back on its side again, leaning over as seen here.

Well, at least the guys I saw were ‘good guys’, and at least tried to make things better.

This really is a night shot, see the shadows from the street lights. Colour balance under the newest lights is amazing.

Bent bike rack

Bent bike rack


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