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Project Yuk is back – 2016 result

Project Yuk is back is back after a lapse in attention, better described as me forgetting to note the results for the past couple of years.

It started back in 2012: Where does the muck come from? – or ‘The sure bet’

I managed to remember in 2013: Project Yuk – 2013

Somehow, although the ‘collection’ for 2014 and 2015 was recorded, the weights (which were really the more relevant metric) went astray before the posts were made, and so the posts were never made.

recalling the two results:

2012 was 2,129 g (5.58 lb),

2013 was 2,542 g (5.60 lb).

Qualitatively at least, those two years seemed to collect as much as the first two, at least to the Mk I eyeball:


Project Yuk 2014

Project Yuk 2014

Then 2015:

Yuk 2015

Yuk 2015

As per the first post for 2012, I remain as mystified as I was then regarding the source of all this ‘goodness’.

I don’t have herds of people flocking through my home, kids, or even pets now, yet it continues to collect.

I’ve given up the regular vacuuming too, simply on the basis of it being a waste of electricity.

I don’t even usually wear outdoor shoes indoors, and keep separate shoes/boots for working outside, so never walk mud or earth inside now.


Back on track, and the numbers are in for 2016…

1,050 g (2.31 lbs)

Half as much as found in the previous years (with results), but also for a year when there was considerably less vacuuming carried out AND outdoor shoes being largely kept outside – so, not completely conclusive since we have 2 variables.

Well, here are the pics, still looks ridiculous for a house with virtually no through traffic:

Project Yuk 2016 a

Project Yuk 2016 a

Still never found anything ‘lost’ in this lot during the year:

Project Yuk 2016 b

Project Yuk 2016 b

Oh well, roll on 2017.


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