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People’s Palace Winter Gardens reopen

I’ve been so glum visiting the People’s Palace in recent weeks/months that I almost forgot I had found the Winter Gardens to have been OPEN once again when I happened to drop in a few days ago.

I also remembered to take some overlapping shots from the balcony this times, so I could try stitching them together to get a wider view than I usually manage – the results are not bad at all, but I always forget the weird effect that take place with the closest areas, so the view below is actually not as wide as it could be, were I learning faster.

It’s only a few weeks since I was last there, but the place was still ‘locked’ up solid, and in darkness – this was a consequence of some glass panels falling, with the obvious need to close the place for some inspections and to make sure it was safe.

Although not visible, I’m pretty sure they have altered the floor layout and arrangement of the beds. It’s not something I memorised, but from my summer visits I have the feeling that things are not as they were.

Nice to see the place with the café open, table out, and people enjoying the space once more.

People's Palace Winter Gardens

People’s Palace Winter Gardens

Roughly the same view taken a few weeks ago, in semi-darkness, but aided by a little tweaking to make it look almost like a daylight shot. Sometimes even I am surprised about what can be recovered from the gloom.

It’s interesting to compare the foreground distortion in the view above with the undistorted image below.

Although it’s extensive, the view still looks pleasing – to my eye at least – and I should confess at least some of it is down to me manually correcting some other distortion effects which were NOT pleasing to the eye, but this did exaggerate the effect to a greater extent than the image stitching alone.

I don’t get upset about this now, since the alternative is not having the image at all!

Glasgow People's Palace Winter Gardens closed

Glasgow People’s Palace Winter Gardens closed



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