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Metal or stone – Rutherglen offers a selection of crash alternatives

When it’s on one of my regular walks I tend to lest these under the title of ‘Missed me’, but Rutherglen is not seen that often, only if I feel like a longer walk than usual.

Given the number of bashed barriers and broken bollards I see, it’s a surprise I don’t also see them happen, but then again, most culprits are probably drunks and speeding criminals, so the action happens in the wee small hours, when even I am tucked up in bed.  By the time I get there, the evidence has usually been cleared away (done very quickly these days to avoid traffic disruption) and all I get to see is bits of car – and the fun is then to guess the make and model.

I thought this was mildly amusing as Rutherglen has gone to the bother of installing decorative polished stone bollards on the main street to deter rogue pavement parking, and matched these with decorative metal fencing for pedestrian control.

In the case noted below, it’s interesting to note that the driver concerned elected to go with the nice soft metal barrier, and avoid the nasty lump of granite (I think that’s what is, but don’t quote me) as a handy ‘stopper’ for their car.

The degree of bending is mild, at least compared to sort of mangling and uprooting which tends to be seen when cars go careering into similar barriers in Shettleston. While I’d quite like to get pics of the actual event, given the extent of the loss of control and speed indicated by the damage, I’m also relatively happy not to be anywhere near one of these useless articles when they lose control.

Driver’s choice… stone:

Rutherglen parking control (stone)

Rutherglen parking control (stone)

(Sorry about the taxi, it pulled up as the pic was being taken, but it’s  not too bad, since it counts as an ‘interesting’ registration).

Or metal:

Rutherglen bent barrier

Rutherglen bent barrier

These are actually adjacent, and the two pics were taken from the same place, one looking to the left, and one to the right.

Not sure about the bending. After getting home and looking at the pic, can’t decide if it is low/manoeuvring speed incident (like a lorry reversing), or something a bit faster with a car, which would also have been moving against the flow of traffic here to do that.


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