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The oddly narrow new driveway

This is just an odd observation of some recent work seen on one of my wandering routes.

One house has acquired a number of cars and vans over time, and the owner decided to demolish part of a wall and have a new area of driveway laid to take one of the cars off the road.

While this matches an area already in place, unlike that area – where the width of the paving was wide enough to accommodate any of the vehicles – the new area has been made narrower than the existing, so that even the smallest car barely fits between the paved areas.

It just seems odd, and my eye is drawn to it every time I happen to walk this way, since the larger vehicles sit tidily on the original drive, but the smallest one barely make it onto the are that was (presumably) made for it.

And, it would be an ever worse fit for the others, as they are wider.

For a while, I had expected the contractor to be dragged back in to widen it – but it’s never happened.

Maybe it’s just my OCD/perfectionist gene coming to light, as the overhanging tyre really does my head in!

Oddly narrow custom made drive

Oddly narrow custom-made drive


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