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Wiki passes 1,000 pages!

Gold trophyWhile there are some technical issues regarding the way pages in the Wiki are counted, I noticed that it has finally passed through the 1,000 page ‘barrier’.

I had really expected this milestone to be passed years ago, but as always, Life, The Universe, and Everything seemed to decide they were going to get together and conspire to make sure I wasn’t going to reach it any time soon, despite having loads of material to add.

For those who have been ‘naughty’ and not looked at the Wiki, here it is:

Secret Scotland (SeSco) Wiki

Because of the aforementioned issue regarding how pages are counted, it’s hard to be accurate or definitive about the total, and I’m not really even sure if I should refer to ‘pages’ or ‘articles’. This is because pages can be cross-referenced to be served under different names (handy if a subject has more than one common name by which it is referred to), and because some pages contain pages, or page content, injected from other pages, if this is felt necessary to make them more complete. However, I have tended to avoid this tool as it may help the page, but make life and maintenance unnecessarily complex. These days, I tend to go with the rule of making one page belong to one subject, and deal only with it, making reference to other pages/articles only as needed.


Will the count ever reach 2,000?

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