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Barras copyrite

Anyone familiar with the history of The Barras in recent years/decades will be familiar with the number of raids and remarkable finds (and even assaults captured on news/documentary clips) as both police, trading standards, and reporters have visited some stalls as they investigated forged designer label items and copyrighted material, with even Microsoft Windows reportedly being available at The Barras BEFORE Microsoft had released one version.

But this catch is more fun than those, with one stallholder claiming that photography of their stall could/would result in a charge being made.

I’m not sure what they think the value of an empty market stall is in a pic (perhaps it is a piece of ‘modern’ art), but I got mine for free!

And, since I took it from a public place (the street), with the item in plain sight, I’m perfectly free to do so – which would not be the case if I had been INSIDE the building, on private ground. Never seen this stall with anything on it.

But I’d still be curious, and like to be in court to see the case being heard as regards copyrite (or even copyright) of anything on this stall, and the justification of why the stallholder was due any copyright monies. Such monies are usually property of the creator of any work/pic, not a seller.

I’m not even going to venture into the real legal implications – it’s fraught enough when we have to deal with serious claims.

Just enjoy the pic and the note.

Barras copyrite

Barras copyrite


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