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Templeton’s always looks great

Although it’s many years since I first came across the decorative face of Templeton’s carpet factory (camera’s still needed loading with film!) on Glasgow Green, it’s something I’ve never lost the first sense of awe when I did, as I had no idea it was there, of how old it was, and just how stunning it looks on a bright summer day, which is when it is seen at its best. The polychromatic bricks used in the decoration remain awesome when properly lit.

This was just a chance pic in passing, and it’s pretty poor in some respects… a dull evening, no colour in the ambient light, but the floodlighting is kicking in, and at this time of year the lack of leaves on the trees means that most of the façade can be seen.

But it’s hard to avoid the trees (I almost feel we need a campaign to have one or two cut down – so I must be evil, in the eyes of the Green Loonies at least).

However, the council could ban parking in that remaining short section of street, or tear it up and extend the grassed area over it. Then there’s the various street lighting and sign related poles, also unavoidable if trying to take a decent pic from a reasonable distance away to avoid distortion.

It just seems sad that just about anywhere you try to take a pic from has SOMETHING intruding into the shot.

I guess none of those are going to happen, not in my lifetime anyway.




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  1. This photo brings back quite a few memories for me, although I never actually saw the factory in operation, having left Glasgow as a 10 year old in 1959! My memories of it date back much more recently to when I was studying at Strathclyde and encountered it ‘accidentally’ when renewing my childhood memories! It struck me then (and still does) as ‘Moorish’ in design but whatever it’s design, it is still a beautiful building, which complements, in my opinion, Glasgow’s reputation as one of the best preserved ‘Victorian Cities’ (in respect of it’s architecture) in the World! Thank you so much for your post! Regards and Best Wishes (from Sidcup in Kent) Ron Leitch.

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    Comment by firdaussi Razor | January 24, 2017

  2. Thanks Ron.

    Check out some pics of the Doge’s Palace in Venice for the usual reference of inspiration.

    First pic on this page about Venetian Gothic architecture

    I’ve also found a nearby sculptural tribute to the carpet factory, but have yet to upload pics – I’ll try to push it up the stack and post it soon.

    Finding it was another surprise!

    I’ve yet to see anyone mention it.


    Comment by Apollo | January 24, 2017

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