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Mount Vernon Stadium gets a by-pass

It’s probably getting to be far enough in the past that most people won’t even remember Mount Vernon Stadium.

For example, I lived just along the road from it, and never even knew it was there – in fact, the first I heard of it I went for pics, and as you can see from that trip, it was at least 2007 before I managed that:

Mount Vernon Stadium

There is some video on that page which shows how things looked as far back as 1998, but even then it was already abandoned and derelict.

At least there was something to find back around 2007/8, today there is nothing to speak of, and recent changes in 2016 have even taken away the road that ran past it, and even the last few steps that led from the road to the entrance area.

Below is a wide view of the former stadium area – no building (foundations can be found), no track hardware, and now only what amounts to a ‘greasy spot’ where the track was, as quad-bikers run around the remains.

Mount Vernon Stadium ground

Mount Vernon Stadium ground

As noted, the road that ran past it has now largely gone, and been subject to re-alignment so widening Daldowie Road and making it meet the A74 Hamilton Road both with a much safer view of oncoming traffic from the east, and with traffic lights too. I’m surprised I never found a horrible collision here in all the past years I have gone walking here.

Although this has just been completed, aerial views via online mapping already show the work in progress.

Daldowie Road realigned

Daldowie Road realigned

The stadium was just to the right(off the pic), and you can see the old road to the rear of the car emerging from what is now the access road to the Glasgow Dog’s Trust building, hidden by the mound. The gate visible on the right is not related to the stadium, but was the entrance to a waste disposal facility which closed a while ago, and was cleared.


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