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This pony’s apple treats have ended

I get a reasonable crop of apple from an old tree in my garden, and even munching through quite a few each day find that they’re not that appetising by the following January.

I tried giving some away (some neebs make jam, but turned them down), and once just threw them away once they reached this stage.

Then I remember a couple of ponies not to far away, and tried giving the apples to them – they were happy!

There’s only one in the field now, the other one disappeared a few years ago, but I still take a bag along and have a walk every day or so, and the remaining pony still seems to enjoy the treat.

This was the last bag over the wall yesterday, by which time the pony was used to the arrival, and was straight over as soon as they hit the ground.

Better weather this year, previously the ground has been covered in snow when I was dropping them off.

Pony and apples

Pony and apples


January 27, 2017 - Posted by | Civilian, photography | ,


  1. Nothing ponies and horses like more than a ‘treat’ of apples!


    Comment by Stormwells55 | January 27, 2017

  2. Will get more ‘treat’ later this year.

    There’s a load of ruined fruit (for humans at least) as they start to ripen and fall, this time around I’ll collect them and wander along whenever I get a bag full, instead of dumping them.


    Comment by Apollo | January 28, 2017

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