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Templeton’s revisited – clear shot thoughts

Passing Glasgow Green, I remembered my recent passing pic of the Templeton Carpet Factory façade and moaning about the number of poles and trees poking up and in the way of a clear shot. With a little time to spare, I thought I’d take a look at what might be possible by closer, and inside the barrier created by those objects.

Anywhere to the right is not much good, due to the trees growing close the right hand side of the façade.

The left option is much better, being raised and closer to the mid-line of the structure, and clear of obstacles, if you don’t count the inevitable parked cars.

Being closer, and using my necessarily cheap glass means distortion is an issue, and most experiments failed.

In fact, a simple, single shot turned out to be the best, probably because of the acute angle messing with multiple shots when trying to stitch them together.

Anyway, it looks like a reasonably clear shot is possible, with a little care.

The first shot is a lightly tidied original (this was dusk/evening), while the second was a “Just for fun, let’s see” effort, with the perspective being corrected. While there are clearly ‘errors’ in the view, I was pleasantly surprised at how acceptable this view turned out.

I’m quite liking the evening view, as the lit interior can be included in the shot, rather than just plain, dark windows.

Templeton facade clear

Templeton façade clear


Templeton facade adjusted

Templeton façade adjusted

Looking at this result has suggested another view option which I might be able to adjust for some of the resulting distortion, if I take the right set of originals to stitch it from.

I should add I can only afford ‘free’ software to play these games with, and while the full packages this is derived from has options that probably simplify this (I don’t have linear stitching for example), it can still provide effective results once you understand what it can, and cannot, do.


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