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The Monteith

Possibly another one of those things that can be passed many times without being seen.

This is a building called The Monteith.

While referred to as a hotel in records, it was really a men’s hostel. Reports of its performance can be found online at the moment, and unlike some such hostels which are still operating in Glasgow, appears to have had a reasonable reputation.

It can, for the time being at least, be found at the corner of Monteith Row and Monteith Place, near The Barras. But, given it is the last single standing building in an area that has been cleared of all similar structures, and has been closed and sealed at some time in the past few weeks, I think its days must be numbered. It has a minimal entry in Canmore, and is not mentioned in the Buildings at Risk register.

At a guess, it will disappear quietly and without much fuss, and there may even be plans in hand, since I saw some small diggers working on the surrounding ground not too long ago. It may have been unrelated work, but then again, it was happening just before the place was closed and sealed.

It’s probably been hashed around inside, and would be nightmare to re-use, given how changing building regulations can force radical restructuring to maintain compliance, things just become uneconomic unless grants are flowing freely. Simplest option is to give up and close.

The Monteith

The Monteith

This was actually another exercise in perspective and distortion, as I couldn’t find a position to get properly inline with the centreline of the building.

In this case, while the software would automatically convert the skewed view into a near perfect rectangle, this often results in a view which just looks ‘wrong’.

They eye is used to seeing a perspective view, and having perfectly vertical sides on a building is impossible, unless looking at plans.

So, in this case I took over and introduced a deliberate convergence into the view, to recreate the inward slope of the sides which is seen when looking towards the top of the building. It really does make the pic look a lot better, and more natural.


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