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Rubh’a Chruidh sold again – nice profit too

I first noticed Rubh’a Chruidh for sale back in 2010, seven years ago, when I expressed my own opinion that the price tag of £430,000 was a little ambitious.

I went further, suggesting that in the market of the time, a price of something closer to £100,000 might have been more realistic, and noted that having been reported as sold, the then listing of properties online showed that the sale had not been made, and it was ‘For Sale’ again.

It seems it made its asking price back then:

Mr Hamilton, a keen sailor, fought off international interest to buy the island in 2010 for £426,000 and after demolishing the existing bungalow commissioned his new home in 2012.

Mr Hamilton, who demolished the only house on Rudh-A-Chruidh, an old bungalow, to make way for a stunning architect designed home, owned the island, which has its own helipad and boathouse, for six years.

There’s no indication in the news story about the cost of the “stunning architect designed home“, but the lucky owner clearly made a nice little profit from the sale of the island, which was on the market for offers over £950,000 and he confirmed had sold for “near enough the asking price”.

Via Farmer buys Scotland’s ‘island gem’ Rudh-A-Chruidh for £1m

I spotted the original sale back in 2010, with this pic to hand:

Rubh'a Chruidh island bungalow

Rubh’a Chruidh island bungalow as seen from the passing ferry © Peter Barr via Geograph

As noted in the news story, that bungalow has been demolished, and the new home looks like:

Viewed from the Mull ferry

Viewed from the Mull ferry

Out of interest, the monument atop the hill behind the house is for David Hutcheson, founder of the Hebridean ferries which evolved into Caledonian MacBrayne, CalMac.


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People’s Palace Viewing Gallery – Part 2

After I posted the discovery of the People’s Palace Viewing Gallery recently, it struck me the item was incomplete – no exterior view!

The interior pics show it is almost a stairway to nowhere inside the building, leading only to that upper window.

From the outside, the stairhead and gallery rise above the glass roof of the Winter Gardens, almost (to me) like a little gun turret or similar. It was handy being there late enough for the lighting to pick it out.

While this one hold a stairwell, the matching feature on the other side is home to the building’s lift, so not really anything to see there.

Peoples Palace viewing gallery above  Winter Gardens

Peoples Palace viewing gallery above Winter Gardens

I struggled picking a closer view of the gallery since no matter how I framed the shot, converging and diverging verticals combined with the shooting angle to make an image that just looked ‘wrong’ when seen in isolation.

In the end, I selected two pics that eventually managed to be tweaked to look reasonably ‘square’ or ‘straight’, and not give the impression that I had been drunk and unable to hold the camera.

I just wanted to show the detail of the structure, and the interior I had shown in the previous post.

Peoples Palace viewing gallery exterior

Peoples Palace viewing gallery exterior


Peoples Palace viewing gallery exterior

Peoples Palace viewing gallery exterior

I’d like to say I learned something while trying to present these views, but other than finding them very awkward to make look as if all the angles lined up, I couldn’t find any particular method, and ended up using ‘trial & error’ along with the MKI eyeball until things just looked ‘right’.

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