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Catbutt – the usual view

I spend more time than I should flicking through other people’s pics, however it has shown me some interesting things.

One of the glum observations is the number of abandoned (or apparently abandoned or lost) cats wandering around, and the difference between the US and the UK – or perhaps I should be more exact and say the burbs of Glasgow.

While I usually see US pics with stories of how they have been taken by someone who found a lost kitty wandering around and it immediately attached itself to them for life – here in Glasgow the norm seems to be vanishing cats, or cats that run away, if found wandering around.

I seldom even get the chance to grab a pic before they evaporate just after I bump into them, unless they are a safe distance away with some sort of barrier between us. Take the example below – after I danced around the vehicle in the foreground for a couple of minutes trying to take a pic of the cat concerned, it ‘vanished’.

In this case, I was lucky, and came around the right side of the vehicle to see its butt just about to vanish from sight – had I been a moment later or slower looking around the opposite side, it would have been gone completely.

You can play ‘Spot the Cat’ with the pic:

Spot the cat

Spot the cat

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