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Electric Gate – Do Not Push

It’s been interesting to watch the slow arrival of electric gates around me.

The first ones are probably getting close on to 20 years since they first appeared, and from what I can see, the ones being fitted by the companies responsible are little better than those first examples.

Those first seen tended to be on main roads, generally where the traffic stirred up a lot of muck (this was a lightly populated main road, but busy and near a quarry and sand pit), and they couldn’t cope with a spot of dirt. I saw then unbolted, or even sheared from their mounts, with such regularity I’d have dumped them AND wanted my money back from the installer.

They’ve gradually been added to over the years, but it looks to me as if those now appearing in ‘clean’ areas don’t last such longer than those early versions. I still see them disconnected with the actuators hanging loose, or some owners just tie redundant gates together with string.

Most are linear actuators welded onto existing gates, but a few more wealthy souls have gone for completely buried installations, with the mech beneath the gate post so nothing shows above ground. A few even have linear gates that slide to the side, rather than open on hinges.

Sad to say, nearly all seem to end up being left open and unused, with only a handful still operating daily after a few years.

The only satisfied people I can see are the installers of these things, who get paid regardless, and must be laughing after cashing the cheque after every install. Service after warranty (from those who choose to keep their gates working) must be a nice little ‘endless’ earner.

Oh… I just wanted this pic. Been passing this gate for months now, but not with a camera to hand. Finally.

I guess these folks saw the generally misaligned state of the others nearby, and guessed it was due to the dreaded/hated junk mail, leaflet, and charity plastic bag cowboy distributors tying to barge in and force their way through the closed gates to deliver their unwanted demands, and hope they may be able to read, or care.

Electric gate no push

Electric gate no pushie

Incidentally, if you have never thought about it…

If you get this toy fitted, you need two others: an external post box to keep the postie happy, AND an intercom system at the gate, since nobody can get in to knock on your door or ring the doorbell!


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