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FW Holroyd Gallery

After yesterday’s post regarding the possible demolition of the Old College Bar I was reminded of some pics I grabbed of the nearby FW Holroyd Gallery building, which would be included as part of the demolition applied for regarding development of that site.

FW Holroyd High St

FW Holroyd High St

I seem to have been looking at this gallery/building all my life. After all, it’s only a few years since the adjacent building was razed, and I was surprised that the demolition did not extend to the gallery building. Although I didn’t photograph the gallery as such back then, I did take pics of the fireplaces left exposed in its end wall following the demolition, the fenced off end wall on the right (out of sight) in this pic.

FW Holroyd George St

FW Holroyd George St

One thing that has often caught my eye over the years is the use the illegal fly-posters and bill-posters have made of this empty premises, by placing their rubbish on the INSIDE of the windows, rather than just sticking it on the exterior.

I wondered if they were doing so legitimately.

I should have known better!

They just broke in so they could stick their adverts inside.

The grille on over the entrance is long gone, and the (original) door lock just burst or kicked in at some point.

There’s something more substantial holding the door locked shut these days, but the reality is that this is MUCH stronger than the door and frame it is screwed into, and a good kick would dislodge the hasp and staple, and protect that nice straight shackle padlock from damage.

FW Holroyd gallery door lock

FW Holroyd gallery door lock


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  1. Hello, do you know if this building is scheduled for demolition? Its very , very ugly.

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by Gregor | March 27, 2018

  2. Well, I’ll let you go trawl up the current state of the planning application for the corner.

    This was last I heard last year:

    The company plans to build a 12-story complex on the site to meet a burgeoning demand for student accommodation in Glasgow.

    The £40million plan will create a 401-bed student complex on the corner of High Street and George Street that would also feature restaurants and shops.

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by Apollo | March 27, 2018

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