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Cambuslang Miners Memorial revisited

I spotted the relocated Cambuslang Miners Memorial a while ago, but since it was a little dark at the time I wasn’t able to spot the plaque marking its dedication.

I was able to have another look, and noticed it was in plain sight, on the front, but due to the sloping angle of its location was not easy to spot and just merged with the background.

Mounted in 2005, the plaque is a little worn, and the infill on the lettering is being worn away  – it looks as if a fairly coarse abrasive is taking its toll as the plaque is cleaned, possibly to remove vandalism/graffiti. The area around the mounting screws is notably clear of any scratches.

It’s a small point, but finally seeing the plaque confirms quotes from it are correct in omitting the apostrophe from MINERS’ as this is not included in the original.

Cambuslang Miners Memorial Plaque

Cambuslang Miners Memorial Plaque



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