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St Enoch Picture House in Argyle Street

I have to confess I didn’t spot this one in passing, but while looking at some old pics of Argyle Street, where the caption made specific reference to the ‘Twin towers of St Enoch Cinema’. Since I couldn’t remember if these were still in place, or had been lost to the various development around the St Enoch Centre, I had to file it away for a look the next time I was passing.

It is still there, as seen below – pity about the street light someone saw fit to stick on it.

St Enoch Picture House

St Enoch Picture Theatre

This seems to have survived well, having first opened in 1881 as Crouch’s Theatre of Varieties, with films being shown from 1897.

But what we see today is actually the façade from a 1916 rebuild, when it became the St Enoch Picture Theatre, seating around 600.

This lasted until 1935.

There’s a record at Scottish Cinemas, always a handy reference.

It’s interesting to compare their recent pic of the façade with mine. While it’s an earlier view, much is the same, and apart from the shop on the left having changed, there’s a more major details evident on the extreme left, where the glass finish evident there has been replaced with stone, or stone cladding.


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