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What stood on this stepped foundation in Carntyne’s Hogarth Park?

Inspired by the arrival of an answer to an earlier query about Hogarth Park in Carntyne, I thought I would try another.

While I have managed to confirm that the steps pictured below were indeed the foundations of some building, I’ve come up empty as far as searching online goes as regards its identification, or even what it was.

Hogarth Park foundation steps

Hogarth Park foundation steps

There was at least one big house near here, but if I take the site records as being accurate, then it was not on this spot, but located further west, and lost when the newer housing development was built over that area. I’m reasonably sure this foundation did not belong to that house, as it is shown separately on the relevant location map (again, this assumes accuracy in the record).

As can be seen from the second pic, the foundation area on top of these steps has been fenced and gated, locking out casual passers from the area which has been used as a garden, play area, or nursery at some time, but this has become abandoned and derelict.

Abandoned and derelict garden or play area

Abandoned and derelict garden or play area

So, anybody happen to know what was on these foundations before whatever it was was razed?

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  1. I think I can shed some light. The large house on the site was actually 2 homes that belonged to the Docherty family, my grandfather, James and my uncle, Joseph who owned the adjacent bone meal factory. The family also owned 2 shops directly in front of the house on Carntyne Rd – one was run by my grandmother Annie, and my aunt, Bernadette, had the other. Bernadette lived on in the house well into the 1970s. There was a tennis court in the garden. I also believe at one point the family owned quite a lot of the nearby land and donated the site where St. Bernadette’s Church is; that might also explain the parish name. I’m not sure when the house and factory were demolished but I do remember regularly visiting the house in the 60’s and early 70’s with my parents; my father was one of the seven children of James and Annie – Francis, Joseph, Bernadette, Ethna, James, Desmond and Anthony.


    Comment by Brendan Docherty | 16/11/2019

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