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Rubble – 6 month kitten – is missing from Onslow Drive Dennistoun

I see the odd missing pet poster stuck up while I wander around, sadly they are usually fairly tatty (ie old and weathered) and are also usually undated so there’s no way of telling how long they have been up.

This time was different, and these pleading for help to find ‘Rubble’ were recent, clean, and numerous. This family really made an effort.

Not much I can say, just hope she turn up safe and well (but more than a week had passed when I took these pics, and I’m a realist).

I used to live on the corner of Onslow Drive, and I still remember getting my first, and only, real cat scratch there.

I learned – DON’T startle a cat, even a gorgeous big fluff-ball. Their reactions are faster than yours – MUCH faster.

Lost Kitten Rubble 01

Rubble – Lost Kitten


Lost Kitten Rubble 02

Rubble – Lost Kitten

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People’s Palace Viewing Gallery – Part 3… a question is raised

Paying attention to detail can pay off – and has provided a little surprise regarding the recently mentioned Viewing Gallery at the People’s Palace.

In this case, I came across an old postcard said to be from around 1910 (the Palace was built around 1898) which showed that the gallery was NOT part of the original building. I found another B&W pic, undated but from the same era and showing more of the Green, but even this small image of the building was enough to show the gallery was not present.

I made some enquiries, still to be answered, but here is a clip of the pic that sparked my curiosity about when the gallery was added:

People's Palace 1910 B&W detail

People’s Palace 1910 B&W detail


The good news is that while nobody knew the answer to my question, they did know who to ask.

I’ve now got a fairly robust list of document identifications relating to building and modification to the People’s Palace, courtesy of the Glasgow City Archives.

The downside of this is that the records are still paper so, in order to read them, a trip to the room at the back of the Mitchell Library is needed, since that’s where they live.

What can I say?

Might happen, might not.

They do advise an appointment, and I’m no longer ‘good’ at appointments, although since I already have the doc IDs, they also indicated that most would be available ‘on-demand’, with just a few needing advance warning to be made available.

Still, I do find it a little sad that there’s apparently nobody floating around that can just go “Oh yes, I remember that… it was done in…

Unless YOU know better.

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Neeb’s wheels 8A

Time’s flashing by, and I can barely believe it was February 2014 – 3 years ago! – that I caught the rear of this yellow beastie. It’s detailed in that post, so no repeat needed here.

I thought it had gone for good, as I can’t recall seeing it since then, but there it was (191 G makes it easy to spot), in the same place, and still looking new – if in need of a wash to lose the black winter grime we seem to suffer once the roads have been gritted.

The “Neeb’s wheels” title also seems to have become something of a jinx.

While my neighbours were bringing home reasonably interesting cars back then, they’ve become much more conservative, and taken to buying Q-cars… basically standard looking cars with no obvious evidence of the massive engines and handling packages wrapped inside bodyshells with few (if any) badges or fancy trim to betray their performance.

While my skilled eye can spot them from the various wheel, tyre, and suspension changes these need compared to standard, there’s usually little to see in a pic.

Then there’s the similarly disappointing trend to buy big 4x4s or SUVs, again lacking in any photo opportunities.

I just passed one neeb’s new top of the range Land Rover (not even a Range Rover) and was amazed to note that this vehicle has now become so tall… I cannot even see over the roof when standing beside it!

 2003 Porsche 911 Carrera 4S

2003 Porsche 911 Carrera 4S

I’m glad I get more chances to get into Glasgow city centre these days, where there are still people who buy ‘proper’ sports, performance, and super cars rather than expensive souped-up vans. BMW has a lot to answer for, for its cleverness in creating the X5 all those years ago.

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