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Rubble – 6 month kitten – is missing from Onslow Drive Dennistoun

I see the odd missing pet poster stuck up while I wander around, sadly they are usually fairly tatty (ie old and weathered) and are also usually undated so there’s no way of telling how long they have been up.

This time was different, and these pleading for help to find ‘Rubble’ were recent, clean, and numerous. This family really made an effort.

Not much I can say, just hope she turn up safe and well (but more than a week had passed when I took these pics, and I’m a realist).

I used to live on the corner of Onslow Drive, and I still remember getting my first, and only, real cat scratch there.

I learned – DON’T startle a cat, even a gorgeous big fluff-ball. Their reactions are faster than yours – MUCH faster.

Lost Kitten Rubble 01

Rubble – Lost Kitten


Lost Kitten Rubble 02

Rubble – Lost Kitten


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  1. Mention of Onslow Drive certainly brought back memories for me, having been born and spent the first 9 years of my life in Hillfoot Street, less than a mile distant! That, however, was in the late 1950s, an aeon ago!

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    Comment by firdaussi Razor | February 14, 2017

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