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Another odd find in Carntyne’s Hogarth Park

While I was collecting some pics of the pyramid and health centre at Carntyne’s Hogarth Park I stumbled, almost for real, over yet another slightly odd find there.

I had to wander around the top of the raise grassy area in order to get the right angles for those pics, and while doing so found a single metal base set into the ground, presumably for a larger/taller pole, as it was internally threaded, and I assume this was to allow such a thing to be secured to the base.

I say ‘single’ because a glance around did not seem to reveal any others, not have I tripped over any others on previous visits, but did not have time to take a closer look for more on this occasion.

There did not seem to be any obvious markings, and the lack of time (not to mention any sort of handy tool) meant I wasn’t able to clear the tangled grass and leaves away from the base to see if there was any other evidence relating to its purpose. Another visit is called for.

For the moment, I can’t think of anything similar noted elsewhere.

It might have been a for a light, but the possibility that there is only one (unless I find more in future), that there is no formal path there (unless lost under the grass), and no obvious source of electricity (there usually some sort of box nearby) seems to make that unlikely.

I’ve already noted that there was a Chemical Works on this site, and that this item is some relic left over from that, and for whatever reason was not considered worth the effort of removing completely once whatever was screwed onto it had been removed. I’ll leave any more guesses until after a revisit, and a look at anything that may be hiding under the grass.

Hopefully that grass is enough to give an idea of the size, since I had nothing to hand to show the scale with – estimate the screwed section to be in the region of 1.5″.

Metal Base Hogarth Park

Metal Base Hogarth Park


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